For Parents

What is Jacari?

Jacari is the oldest charity at the University of Oxford. We provide free home tutoring to children living in Oxford who do not speak English as their first language. We have around 175 volunteers who each make one home visit per week. The lessons are designed to improve the children’s language skills and build their confidence.

How Can I Get a Jacari Tutor for my Child?

Jacari works with 16 primary and secondary schools in Oxford. All the pupils which Jacari helps are referred to us by their teachers at school. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you think they would be suitable for Jacari tutoring. We cannot take referrals from parents.

Who Are Our Tutors?

  • Our tutors are volunteers. This means they cannot receive payment for their work.
  • They are students from the University of Oxford or Oxford Brookes. This means they are only available to tutor during term-time. Your tutor will tell you when they are going on holiday.
  • They have attended a training session and are given teaching resources and help from Jacari.
  • They have all passed an Enhanced DBS Check to certify they are safe to work with children.

Please note: this DBS check only covers the United Kingdom. For international students, we also ask for a Certificate of Good Conduct from their embassy. We do, however, allow them to start teaching before this certificate arrives.

What is a Jacari Lesson Like?

  • Your tutor should greet you before they begin teaching your child.
  • Jacari lessons should take place in a quiet area away from distractions if possible. The door to the room should be left open during the lesson.
  • The lesson will last for an hour. Some tutors may be willing to stay longer, with your permission.
  • The tutor will help your child to practise and improve their English. Their lesson may involve playing language games, doing worksheets and activities, and reading.
  • The tutor should say goodbye to you at the end of the lesson.

Our Expectations

To make sure lessons run smoothly, there are a few things we expect of parents and carers.

  • Be at home at the arranged lesson time. If an adult is not in the house, our tutors cannot teach. Please make sure you will be home at the time you have agreed.
  • Tell our tutors about any important changes. If you have a new contact number or address, you must tell your child’s tutor.

Our volunteers are very busy and we have lots of children on our waiting list. If we cannot make contact with you, we will assign your child’s tutor to somebody else.

Trips and Events

Jacari holds several free trips and events for children every year. These are brilliant opportunities for your tutor and your child to get to know each other better. In the past we have been ice-skating, to museums, and to a zoo. Your tutor will give you a permission slip to fill in for each event.

Mothers’ Classes

Jacari also holds weekly English classes for local mothers. For more information, please email, or phone 01865 264 167.

Finding Out More

Please browse this website to find out more about Jacari. You can also read our full Safeguarding policy. If you have any other questions, contact the coordinator on or by phoning 01865 264 167.


We would really appreciate any comments you have about Jacari. Please take the time to share your thoughts with us.

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