Jacari Bristol

A new branch of Jacari – in Bristol

Last year, 2015, marked the first new branch of Jacari outside of Oxford – a volunteer-run pilot project in Bristol City Centre: Jacari Bristol.  The primary aim of Jacari Bristol, like Jacari Oxford, is to increase educational participation and engagement among children in Bristol for whom English is an additional language. It does this by providing home tutoring to children in Bristol, aged 7-16. These children have been identified by their school teachers as pupils who would benefit from regular additional teaching in order to achieve their academic potential, but whom would otherwise be unable to access this support.

Children are referred by their school to Jacari for this additional teaching, which provides a key opportunity for children to develop and practice their English language skills outside of school, thereby reducing their disadvantage in the classroom. Currently, Jacari Bristol works closely with one local school in Lawrence Hill with whom we liaise closely to ensure that we are meeting the needs of these children and achieving our aim of increasing their educational participation and engagement. The children identified have no other means of accessing the support necessary for them to overcome the disadvantages they face in school.

Jacari trains volunteers from the University of Bristol. These volunteers then provide a weekly home teaching lesson, working on English and other subjects that the child is finding challenging because of their spoken or written language difficulties. Since September 2015 we have recruited and trained 25 student volunteers and the organisation is on it’s way to becoming well-integrated into the local and student volunteering network.  Jacari fosters productive links between local families at risk of social exclusion, schools and student volunteers from the University in the city. Through our activities, primarily designed to reduce the educational disadvantage faced by children in Bristol for whom English is an additional language, we contribute towards a stronger community in Bristol.

Join Jacari Bristol as a volunteer 

If you live in Bristol as a student or resident and are keen to find out more about your local scheme or sign up as a volunteer please click here to visit the Jacari Bristol website.