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I’m a student. Why should I volunteer?

By volunteering you will:

  • Build a lasting relationship with your pupil and their family
  • Experience Oxford outside the University bubble
  • Make a tangible difference to a child’s life

As the oldest student charity of Oxford University we have an established support system that provides training sessions, teaching materials and individual support. No teaching experience or foreign language knowledge is required, the hours are flexible, and it looks great on a CV!

But don’t take it from us – read below to see what previous Jacari volunteers have said:

“Haider is a joy to visit and I come away every week having laughed much and eaten more (I am never allowed to leave without having finished at least one plateful of onion bhajis)!”    

Jo Lim, Jacari volunteer

“It’s such a privilege to be welcomed into the lives of adults and children with such a different experience of Oxford (where the University, refreshingly, isn’t important), the UK, and the world. I encourage all students to get involved.”

Imogen Faux, Jacari volunteer

“I would recommend it not just to those interested in teaching, but also to those interested in social policy, politics or law. I’m the latter and I’m happy to learn so much about what the children and educational institution most need, and how we can to help to meet those needs. It’s also just an amazing opportunity to spend time with the kids and often see the progress they make throughout the sessions.”

Jenny Lee, Jacari volunteer

“My pupil’s mum is so appreciative of the help I can give him and always cooks me amazing food while I am there! Tutoring with Jacari is a really easy way to make a noticeable difference to someone’s experience of school and I would really recommend it to another student.”

Clare Smedley, Jacari volunteer

“Jacari is an extremely rewarding experience for me as I get to design lessons creatively and see my pupil improve every week. She has become much more confident to speak and capable of comprehending more complicated concepts. I definitely recommend this to anyone who wishes to make some positive influence on the community.”

Xueyin Zha, Jacari volunteer

“I’ve learnt a lot by teaching Abdul: how to explain science in an understandable and occasionally fun manner, loads of things about his culture and how to appreciate WWF wrestling! He also seems to be much more receptive now and is doing a lot better at school. He also thoroughly enjoys all the outings.” 

Carlos Lastra Anadon, Jacari volunteer

“I would thoroughly recommend Jacari to anyone interested in getting children excited about their education, and who wants to make a real, profound difference in a child’s life.”

Zandra Beaumont, Jacari volunteer

“I have known about Jacari for a while and, as an Oxford local, I am very aware of the social and educational divisions in Oxford, both between different schools and between the University and other parts of the city. I believe that language learning is a fantastic way to help bridge these divides, and Jacari is an excellent first step towards paying back some of the privileges from which we benefit as Oxford students. I’ve really enjoyed the teaching I’ve done so far, and would definitely recommend Jacari to anyone!”

Sasha Ockenden, Jacari volunteer

If you would like to become a tutor with Jacari, click here to fill in our online application form.