OSCB Safeguarding Course

All volunteers must attend an induction and read the Child Protection pages of our volunteer handbook. In addition, we recommend they take a multimedia safeguarding course offered by the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children Board.

The course should only take half an hour. Here’s how to complete the course:

1. Visit http://oscb.safeguardingchildrenea.co.uk, and click to register

2. When selecting a department, choose Other, then Charity and Voluntary Agency. Register.

3. Fill in the starred fields using the following details:

  • Work Name: Jacari
  • Work Address: Jacari, 16-17 Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DH
  • Job Title: Volunteer Home Tutor
  • Line Manager Name: Sophie Hall-Luke
  • Line Manager Email: coordinator@jacari.org

4. Log into the system using the username and password provided.

5. Click the Requested Learning tab, then the Course Request button. Choose the course entitled ‘An Introduction to Safeguarding Children’.

6. In ‘Reasons for attending’ mention you will be working as a Jacari volunteer with children.

7. Write £0 in the course costs field.

8. Submit request. You should now be able to click through to start the course.

If you have any questions, please contact coordinator@jacari.org.

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