On this page you will find lots of information and links to websites that will be of use to you, whether you are a brand new Jacari volunteer, or an old hand. It’s always a good to get some new ideas so that your lessons keep being as fun as possible.

Be sure to make use of the Jacari Library (found on the top floor of the Oxford Hub, above the Turl Street Kitchen) and Oxford’s Public Library (near the Clarendon Centre) when sourcing worksheets, reading materials and more.

Online Resources 

National Curriculum Key Stages:




SATs (exams at end of Key Stage 2)

Pupils may have different exam boards for individual GCSEs, so make sure to find out which one is relevant to them before going through past papers and study guides!

General Good for practice worksheets on English, maths and science
British Council Kids Printable activities and online games for young children More advanced exercises on vocabulary and grammar topics; especially good for gap-fill verb tenses Fun printable board games on different vocabulary/grammar topics Worksheets on spelling/verbs/vocabulary – very colourful Games, flashcards and worksheets to print Short reading passages and activities, especially good for older children Search portal for EAL resources by Key Stage, subject or language Various sets of worksheets for kids on basic vocabulary Lots of online games on maths and science topics
BBC literacy materials


Archived literacy worksheets, online activities and games for all ages
BBC bitesize The BBC education website contains resources for a variety of subjects. The English section is split into areas of learning according to the English syllabus.
eslgamesplus Spelling games, memory games, grammar games, and more
sparklebox Mainly for Key Stage 1, but also helpful for Key Stage 2. Printable visual aids, board games, flashcards etc.

Resources for older children and teenagers

British Council Teens Grammar and vocabulary, exam support and more laid back ‘magazine’ section


newsinlevels Variety of news articles at different stages of ability Lesson plans based around short films and adverts, on a variety of subjects


dolchword phonics games


Phonics games for beginners
loocoverwritecheck phonics games


High frequency and tricky words (especially good for KS1 & KS2)
‘ictgames’ has lots of other games focused on phonics under the ‘literacy’ section, some of which could be helpful for teaching older children
Galactic Phonics Phonics, spelling and literacy worksheets and online games

Maths games


Homepage for ictgames’ maths resources, including games and printables
ictgames Save the Whale

ictgames Funky Mummy

ictgames Octopus

Basic addition and subtraction games

BBC bitesize maths ks1 BBC bitesize online maths games