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What does Jacari cost?

Local schools refer children to Jacari on the basis that they would benefit from one-to-one language support and would not be able to afford this extra support by any other means.  Because of this, Jacari tutoring is completely free for the families of children we help.

It costs around £30, 000 a year to run Jacari, during which time around 180 disadvantaged children aged 6-16 will receive fun, free home tutoring sessions from our 170 student volunteers. At current rates, the value of tutoring Jacari generates would be £86,400!

“My students tell me with a big smile that their Jacari teacher is coming that day. Their appreciation for the work of Jacari teachers often does not need words.”

Peter Umney-Gray, EAL teacher

Where does the money go?

Jacari’s costs include DBS checks for all its volunteers, volunteer travel expenses, resources for the library, covering the cost of kids’ events, insurance, and publicity to recruit more volunteers. The major costs are the rent of an office space and the salary of just one full-time Coordinator to keep the project running. You can see our accounts on the Charities Commission website.

This year, as well as helping more than 170 children in Oxford for whom English is an additional language to become more confident and to do better in school Jacari, has been expanding in to Bristol.  We are already helping 29 children in Bristol, but need more help in getting Jacari in a position to reach our potential and provide our services to all the relevant schools in the area.

Where does the money come from?

Jacari is reliant on grants from trusts, fundraising social enterprises such as The Knowledge Project, The Charity Football League and Oxfizz, and, of course, the generosity of the public.

How can I help?

Jacari relies largely on donations from individuals. Until 31st March, a group of donors has agreed to match all recurring donations that are made to the charity up to a £5,000 total. If you can give £5 a month, this will become £120 a year. If you can give £150 as an annual donation, this would become £300 per year.

Giving a small amount to Jacari, whether on a one-off or a recurring basis, can make a big difference.

It’s easy to donate online: Click on the MyDonate button above, or set up a standing order though our PayPal site:


Alternatively, get in touch with the office to set up a Standing Order directly to our bank account. We will be so grateful for your support.

Please see our Testimonials page for more details about how Jacari is benefitting the lives of disadvantaged children in Oxford.

Registered Charity Number 1108827