The Application Process

The first stage of the Jacari application is to fill in the online form here.

After your application has been reviewed, you will receive an email detailing the next steps. These are as follows:

1.) Attend a teaching induction

Please check the events sidebar for details of when the next teaching inductions will be held. They are usually every week during Oxford University term times.

Our teaching inductions last for one hour and are designed to prepare you for your lessons with your pupil.

2.) Complete a DBS check

All of our volunteers have to complete a UK Enhanced DBS Check before they begin teaching. This is a safeguarding measure which involves bringing in three documents to the Jacari office to prove your identity and current address. It is a very quick process. Details of what documents to bring are in the application confirmation email.

3.) You will be matched with a pupil

Once you have completed a DBS check and attended a teaching induction, the Coordinator will send you contact details for your pupil. It will then be up to you to contact their parents to arrange the first lesson.

There are additional requirements for international students. Please click here for more details.



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